Comets News · Students Form Art Club

Art Club Experience


Lisa Dixon

         Art club has returned to BHS this February, and students throughout the high school are excited to take part in it. Ms. Garrudo Carrasco, a teacher who is passionate about sharing her love for art with students, is the one who runs the club. Her artwork has been seen in many different art shows, and has earned awards for some of her work! Upon being asked about the club she stated, “I want to create a place where students can be happy and relax while also working.” Ms. Garrudo Carrasco hopes that the club will help students improve their art and give them a good place to go after school.

         Being a part of this activity helps middle school and high school students advance themselves in art. The club meets after school on Wednesday afternoons, working on self-directed projects as they communicate with each other and listen to music. After students learn the basics of blending color and anatomy, they can figure out what project they want to take on and how they want to do it. The goal of the club is to teach artists how to work independently, yet stay motivated enough to finish the piece. Art club creates an atmosphere of serenity and helps students communicate ideas with one another.